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short description:

In 1980 the  "Hans Lüers" folk dance group was formed.

The group was made up almost completely from members of the "Verein für Heimatpflege Bad Zwischenahn / Heimatmuseum Ammerland e.V. ( club for the preservation of local customs/museum of local history in Ammerland).

In 1985 Mr. Hans Lüers was awarded the ähighest decoration awarded for services to his country“ (Deutsches Verdienstkreuz) " - for his work in the area of folklore which resulted in better communication between different groups of people in Europe. His name was therefore incorporated into that of the folk dance group's name.

In 1986 Mr. Lüers gave up his chairmanship of the club for health reasons. Ms Annegret Weghorst took his place and managed the group from this time on.

In 1987 Hans Lüers died.

In 1992 - 2001Mr. Eduard Oeltjenbruns took over as chairman.

In 2001 Mr. Rainer Hempen he is still managing the folk dance group no.

The "Ammerländer" still have many contacts with other groups in their own and in other countries. They continue to make new contacts through their  "activities".

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In 1980 the group went from Bad Zwischenahn to "Izegem" (Flanders) in Belgium. The friendship between the folk dance groups "De Boose" and "Hans Lüers" began long ago in 1964 during the "Friesian-congress" in Aurich, where both groups met each other for the  first time. The folk dance group "De Boose" still has strong connections to the  dance group "Hans Lüers", and  many private friendships still exist. Years later a "twinning" between the town Izegem and the health resort Bad Zwischenahn resulted from these connections.

In 1982 a three-week-USA-tour with 29 people was organized. The group visited several US-states such as Ohio, Indiana and so on. In many towns they performed more than once. Everyone who participated in this tour said that it was an unforgettable experience which they would like to repeat.

In the following years the group participated in many festivals in Germany itself and in other European countries including France, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Belgium among others.

We also received visits from other folk dance groups. The performances of their own folk dances and  songs from their own culture were always much appreciated by the guests.

In 1992 the folk group "Kalinuschka" from Samara, Russia, came to Bad Zwischenahn. Apart from their songs they performed many dances from their motherland. They stayed for ten days in the "Ammerland" and loved this "park like countryside" and its people – and the heartfelt hospitality of their "host families" which they received here.

As one of the club's highlights the year 1997 must be mentioned. The group flew with 41 people for one week to the Balearic island of Mallorca - chosen by the "committee Europeade" - and participated as the only German group in the "7th World Folk Dance Festival" in Palma. This event can be seen as another achievement for the club.

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The group:


The "Erwachsenendanzköppel" (adult's dance group) today has 26 dancers (women and men), and 3 musicians (2 accordions and one guitar).
The group is under the leadership of  Mrs.
Ina Hobbensiefken and Mrs. Birgit Bischof